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On the Verge

Big stack of vinyl, very collectable. One stupidly large flat screen TV, worshipped beyond reason. Three longboards, one e-bike, a set of graphite golf clubs – all cosseted indoors (totally in the way), all fairly lame proxies for genuine character. One pathetic mid-life crisis dressed as an over-polished Indian Chieftan motorcycle. Maybe there’s a fresh scratch along its ridiculous handlebars. A Gibson guitar, vintage; Clapton’s scrawl allegedly on the neck, 10 pairs of tired Y-fronts jammed in the hole. It’s scratched, too. Fifty bucks the lot, negotiable. Questions? Can’t help. The owner’s at Lolita’s, presumably. I’m changing the locks.

'On the Verge' won the Globe Soup 'Wrath' monthly micro contest in 2021.


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